liondreamrecords Lion Dream Records is a independent label created by a artist to better produce and promote other artists.


With the lack of publishers to help talented local artists to broadcast their music,it was important that some one takes a first step and lead the way to a new generartion of selfmade artists.


The one who did that and surely the brain behind all this is BLD aka Big Lion Dream.


A very talented young man who believes that is possible to change the music industry and give respect to creativities made by lots of artists worldwide.


Lion Dream is a strong word and was chosen because the artist is a blessed man who had to struggle for his life to become someone.

It's a dream...We are not sleeping As independent label, we are doing our best to keep it up with the trends although its a heavy producing and promoting our artists and worldwide artists.


To keep it independent with our financial situation, we have build our own home studio equiped with Pro Tools 10, Reason 6 for sound making .


Since the music industry became digital, we also managed to have our own video equipment to better show our talent and creativities not only from song but also from images.


Our goal is to successfull bring a new fresh air of hip-hop music to the street thanks to the internet and the people that support the movement.



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